Information About Air Traffic Control


Air Traffic Management control services are provided by the specialized personnel, who are responsible for the safety of the air traffic regarding their safe flow. The rate of speed, altitude and the position of air traffic are measured by the grounded towers. These control towers assign the airspace to the particular aircraft and gave directions to the pilots with the help of radio.

Remote Tower is a professional and scientific service which is provided by the air traffic controllers who have highly specialized knowledge and skills. Separation rules are applied by controllers which keep the aircraft in their own assigned airspace and ensure orderly and expeditious flow. Air traffic control is regarded as a mentally challenging service due to the critical aviation responsibility. The air traffic controller must have a good memory, situational awareness, mental ability and decision making powers.

Air communication towers help to make communication possible between the people in the flight with the people on the ground. Since the very first flight of Wright brothers, there is a great problem of communication with each other. The air communication towers provide signals to the pilots and the radios which are placed in airplanes helps pilots to communicate back to the ground. In the present scenario, the newly developed communication systems and with the help of internet revolution, the systematic GPS systems paved the way for the effective and efficient communication.

Nowadays, the scientific technologies in the air traffic control(GBAS ground based augmentation system) have come to the point where there is no need for the pilot to be on the flight to fly it. Unmanned aerial vehicles are the new and the desired level of air traffic control. The new inventions and innovations in air traffic control have improved the air traffic to extended level. The night flights are now landed on intricate lighted runways. Suitable landing areas are marked with colored panels and inferred strobe lights.

Besides this air traffic control(indra navia) has to face so many natural problems while providing services and the main dominant problem is weather which is natural and uncertain. The volume of air traffic is increasing day by day which hustles the aircraft schedule. Air traffic control provides these services to the airport as well. The call signs are used by the air traffic controllers for the traffic separation. These distinctive calls are permanently issued by ICAO to some military flights. As the time passes new techniques and changes have been taking place for the safe flow of the flights.

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