Studies show that the population of solo practitioners is on the rise. Unlike times past when lack of planning and poor management caused companies to fail, today’s owners are assembling teams to help them be more efficient and support business growth. But do you know how critical players like accountants fit in? This article discusses five ways that an accountant can make a difference in business performance (regnskapsfører).

Trusted Advisory. Running a company means having to deal with financial issues and making tough decisions. It is essential to have a professional with whom owners can voice concerns in confidence and rely on for expert opinion and unbiased feedback. Accountants provide business owners with the elements of integrity, reliability, and trust.

Wise Counsel. The decisions that business owners make each day can sometimes be complicated. To keep you out from making severe financial mistakes accountants can provide counsel on issues like financial forecasting and liquidity planning. Other areas where their guidance is important include tax issues, (regnskapsfører kristiansand) investment decisions, and developing profitable pricing models to ensure that owners make decisions that get the best possible result.

Team Member. Accounting professionals bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to help companies perform. Many not only possess a general knowledge of business but often specialist in specific industries and types of business (Regnskapsforer oslo). As a team member, the accountant brings to the company knowledge and expertise that help strengthen its marketing, management, and legal team’s objectives. When assisting owners of start-up companies, for example, accountants can provide support during the research, planning, and development process of business formation.

Communication. With the myriad of tasks that business owners need to manage it is challenging to stay abreast of the laws that govern finances ( As changes occur that will impact the company, an accountant serves as the person who interprets and shares regulatory information with the owner. They work with owners to create financial plans that meet challenges and take new opportunities to be more profitable.

Liaison. An accountant looks at the health of the company closely. One of the primary roles is to ensure that there is adequate cash flows. As a result, they work to consistently build relationships and evaluate tools and resources that owners can connect with to grow their business.